Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

Linda Neale
Linda Neale is anauthor, ceremonial facilitator, community organizer, and family business LindaNeale <>.She is also the co-founder and former executive director of the Earth & Spirit Council. Linda is the author of The Power of Ceremony: Restoring the Sacred in Our Selves, Our Families, Our Communities about the role of ceremony in Western culture. Linda is a retired marriage and family therapist, serves on the Board of Directors of Leupold & Stevens Inc., and is involved in various ceremonies and community activities throughout the Northwest.

Cynthia Nielsen

Lena Lane

Jonathan Merritt
Jonathan Merritt serves the community as an initiated marakame, a traditional shamanic healer in the lineage of the Huichol people of Mexico, and as a Fire Keeper, holding monthly consecrated community fires at his home. A poet and writer, Jonathan has published numerous articles and poems and is the founding editor of Sacred Fire. If you are interested in healing work or attending a fire, contact Jonathan .

Kurt Biel

Dave Cooley

David Cooley is a life-long resident of Vancouver ,WA. When not enjoying the wind, rain, and unaltered terrain, he’s a professional singer, band leader, song writer, and pianist. David’s spent a lifetime working events, ceremonies, and community gatherings from both artistic and logistic perspectives.


Gwendoline Van Doosselaere
Outreach Coordinator & Administrator
An outdoor enthusiast and deeply intrigued by a life lived intuitively, Gwendoline brings her background in communications and project management to help drive Earth & Spirit’s activities and impact.

Raquel Hugo
Event Coordinator

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