The Earth & Spirit Council receives generous support from these foundations and sponsors. They help us establish the bedrock upon which we grow connection with each other and nature. Thank you.

Kalliopeia Foundation Kalliopeia Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation that contributes to the evolution of communities and cultures that honor the unity at the heart of life's astounding diversity.

Leupold & Stevens Foundation The Leupold and Stevens families have established the Leupold & Stevens Foundation to support the needs of local and regional charities that enhance our community through their efforts in support of education, health and welfare, the environment, and the arts.

Regional Arts & Culture Council RACC provides grants for artists, nonprofit organizations and schools; manages an internationally acclaimed public art program; raises money and awareness for the arts through workplace giving; convenes forums, networking events and other community gatherings; provides workshops and other forms of technical assistance for artists; and oversees a program to integrate arts and culture into the standard curriculum in public schools throughout the region through “The Right Brain Initiative.”


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