The Natural Way Speaker Series began in 1996 when Thomas Banyacya , Hopi elder, visited Portland to speak about the Hopi prophecies. He encouraged Akimel O'odham elder Rod McAfee and his wife Linda Neale to invite other Native elders to speak to their community..

The Natural Way Speaker Series fills an important void in a world hungry for elders and authentic Earth wisdom. It now includes not only Native American elders, but wisdom-keepers of all ethnic backgrounds. Some of our presenters, such as Agnes Pilgrim-Baker of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Martin Prechtel , Luisah Teish , and Matthew Fox , are well-known, while others have rarely if ever spoken to the public outside of their own communities.

Our focus is to bring indigenous knowledge to our audience through traditional elders, storytellers, ceremonial leaders, and medicine and healing arts practitioners. These speakers use the oral tradition to share their practical and spiritual knowledge of the connection between humanity and the world in which we live.

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