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A world where people live in harmony with Nature and each other


Helping people re-establish their spiritual connection to Earth

and engage in earth-conscious living

At the heart of the Council is the idea that the spiritual dimension of life offers the greatest untapped reservoir of power, imagination, and courage for meeting today’s challenges and calling humanity into a new relationship with the natural world. We seek to change the western, dominant culture view to a biocentric outlook that honors and respects the interconnection of all life, actively seeking out elders from all traditions to help us with this effort.


Earth & Spirit Council was birthed in 1990, a result of a growing awareness that political efforts to preserve the earth were not enough to change the course of environmental destruction. The deep ecology and feminine spirituality movements, and an increasing interest in the teachings of Indigenous Elders became the foundation of the Council. Since its inception, Earth & Spirit Council has focused its efforts on education, with programs like The Procession of the Species, Interfaith Earth Day conferences, Spiritual City Club, Earth & Spirit family camps, talking circles and other ceremonies plus a wide variety of classes and workshops. One of the Council’s primary efforts has been The Natural Way, a speaker series featuring Native Elders from around the globe. It began in 1997 when Thomas Banyaca, Elder and Keeper of the Hopi prophecies, encouraged Akimel O’odham Elder Rod McAfee and his wife Linda Neale to begin this lecture series. Originally held in their home, it grew and eventually relocated to Portland State University’s Native American Student and Community Center (NASCC).

For more than 20 years people from all traditions attended this speaker series, featuring over 60 elders and teachers from cultures around the world. Many of these elders have passed on, but their teachings remain through our audio and video recordings. 

Earth & Spirit Council has been listening to and recording these elders for over two decades. Now, through the wonders of electronic media, the time has come to share their wisdom and hope with the world.

​We are proud to present the Documentary Film, 

Earth Teachings for Future Generations: The Power of Ceremony

Earth Teachings Poster Edit.jpg

Earth & Spirit Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Portland, Oregon. There is no membership requirement. We rely on the generosity of our volunteers and donors to expand our outreach efforts. Donate Here.

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