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Are you concerned about losing places in nature that you love?

Are you worried about your own future and the future of your children? 

 Do you know people who’ve experienced personal loss due to
environmental catastrophe or damage?

Do you have a community or small group you can talk to about your concerns?


Here you’ll find books, classes, films, organizations, and other helpful tools to assist you on your journey.
Please explore these resources and share them with your friends & family.


We encourage supporting your local independent book sellers, find one in your area!

Also available through amazon links here

The Power of Ceremony: Restoring the Sacred in Our Selves, Our Families, Our Communities

 Linda Neale


Braiding Sweetgrass & Gathering Moss

– Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living

– Joseph M. Marshall III

Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality

– Judie Bopp, Michael Bopp, Lee Brown, Phil Lane Jr


Original Instructions for a sustainable Future

– Melissa K. Nelson, John Mohawk, John Trudell, and more


Plant Teachings for Growing Social-Emotional Skills: Cultivating Resiliency and Wellbeing with Northwest Plants – A collaborative project by GRuB and Northwest Indian Treatment Center


Neither Wolf Nor Dog

– Author Kent Nerburn


Memory of Souls

– Author Cliff Taylor


Original Blessing: Original Blessing: A Primer in Creation Spirituality Presented in Four Paths, Twenty-Six Themes, and Two Questions 

– Matthew Fox

Indigenous Nations Resources

Tribal Nations Directory

The Bureau of Indian Affairs maintains a list of 576 tribal nations throughout the United States.  Find and connect with tribal nations in your area to learn more about their history, ceremonies, issues, and current events.

Find a PowWow near you through out the nation!

Tribal Curriculum

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Managing fishery resources and protecting reserved treaty rights

PSU’s Native American Community Center

Support Indigenous Nations


Support the Chinook Nation's fight for Federal Recognition 


Tamánwit - Natural Law

Ties First Foods to the landscape • Treaty-identified resources • ITECK Ways of knowing and relating

Ecoliteracy - John Mohawk

Resurgence & Ecologist

Yes Magazine - Solutions Journalism


Lyla June


All my relations 


Well for Culture 


Confluence podcast 


Paths (Re)membered Project Podcast


Creation Spirituality Communities

A network of individuals and communities who experience our own spiritual paths in connection to the evolving paradigms of the universe 


Native Harvest

Portland Audubon

Portland Audubon’s passionate and growing community has loved and advocated for Oregon’s wildlife and wild places for more than 100 years

Confluence Project

Confluence connects you to the history, living cultures, and ecology of the Columbia River system through Indigenous voices 

Columbia River Keepers

Uniting people to fight for clean water and the climate 

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Working to create a world where people and the planet thrive

Second Nature

We align, amplify, and bridge the sector’s efforts with other global leaders to advance urgent climate priorities


Bioneers is inspiring and realizing a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations 


Nature Conservancy

Across aisles, sectors and borders the Nature Conservancy is tackling the dual threats of accelerated climate change and unprecedented biodiversity loss



GRuB grows healthy food, people, and community, with roots in the land, creating opportunities for people to learn, lead, and thrive

Native Plants and Foods Curriculum Portal

Well for Culture

Two beloved Native American wellness activists offer wisdom for achieving spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing rooted in Indigenous ancestral knowledge 

Project 562

Project 562 created by Matika Wilbur is a multi-year national photography project dedicated to photographing over 562 federally recognized Tribes, urban Native communities, Tribes fighting for federal recognition and Indigenous role models in what is currently-known-as the United States

Global Center for Indigenous Leadership & Lifeways

Bringing ancient Indigenous ways of knowing and wisdom
into modern times

Earth People's United 

Connecting people to the natural and
spiritual worlds, and bridging the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the world of today so that the diversity of life may flourish for future generations.



Earth and Spirit Council's Youtube Channel

Neurodecolonization and Indigenous pathways to healing traumas of colonialism – Michael Yellow Bird

Breath of Life theory and Leadership – Dr. Cindy Blackstock

Seven Visions Studios - Inspiring the next generations of Visionaries 

Indigenous Speakers Series

Seeds of Wisdom Videos

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