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Donate & Volunteer

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Help us expand the release of our film to the world.

  • Attend a viewing (event link)

  • Host a watch party 'Contact Page'

  • Encourage friends to watch the film.

  • Share on social media 



Connecting like-minds and hearts is key to deepening our personal and family relationships through community and ceremony. Join our email list  and keep up to date on workshops and events.



Explore our Resources Page and volunteer with an organization that focuses on work you feel personally drawn to. Contribute financially to help us expand our work.

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We rely on the generosity of donors to expand our outreach efforts.

Help realize our vision:

healthy world where people live in harmony with Nature and each other



By Check

Payable to: 

Earth & Spirit Council

 P. O. Box 28440

Portland OR 97228



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