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sign-up procedure is clear, quick and straightforward. You answer several questions about the reasons you’re looking for treatment, what you hope to achieve with counseling and any extra info you wish to supply. The platform keeps you notified of the process with e-mails, usually designating a therapist to you within anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.


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If you prefer to select your own therapist, you can do so by browsing to the bottom of the homepage and clicking “Discover a therapist.” However, this option isn’t described in Frequently asked questions page.

I got counseling through for four weeks, seeking short-term therapy for stress and anxiety over caregiving and concerns about my mother, who has health issues and lives in another state. I also wished to discover ways to better interact with my brother or sisters, with whom I periodically clash over caregiving matters.

In general, I would rate my experience with as excellent. My therapist was knowledgeable, empathetic and skilled. She listened to my issues without judgment or criticism. enables customers to change therapists at any time and as often times as they find essential. I stuck with the exact same therapist, and over the course of four video sessions, she offered tips on methods to minimize or avoid stress and anxiety and resolve repeating communication issues with one of my siblings.