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Increasingly, it is realized that any efforts to safeguard the environment need to be infused with a vision of the sacred. 

 Carl Sagan

Our Vision

A healthy world where people live in harmony with Nature and each other. If you are someone who exalts in the natural world, mourns the destruction of the Earth and its species and wants to connect with others who feel the same, Welcome! We believe the survival and happiness of Earth’s people depends upon a deep spiritual connection to all of life. Earth & Spirit Council provides and encourages these spiritual connections through education, art, ceremony, and inclusive celebrations.

Expository Documentary

Earth Teaching for Future Generations:
The Power of Ceremony

The earth and humanity are in crisis. Native elders and indigenous teachings offer all of us a new way forward through ceremony and earth-focused living.

About Us

Earth & Spirit Council was birthed in 1990, a result of a growing awareness that political efforts to preserve the earth were not enough to change the course of environmental destruction.


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